PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

TV news, and plenty of it

OK, this week was the television upfronts, when all the channels get together and preview their fall lineups for advertisers, so they can plan ahead for buying commercial time on which shows.

* The LATimes has complete coverage, and Virginia Heffernan kept an interesting blog.
* CBS brings in some new shows with some familiar stars.
* NBC turns to drama and diversification, and hope the worst is behind them.
* ABC reshuffles the deck, and brings back... Ted Danson?
* Fox chimes in, with bonus material from the futon critic.
* Combines from the ashed of the WB and UPN, CW mixes and matches.

So. Comments? Other interesting links? I'm not seeing a lot of standouts, here. I *am* seeing a lot of these new dramas that appear to be apeing Lost (mysterious happenings, running plotlines, nonlinear storytelling) which is, as always, missing the boat by imitation. (A certain someone brought up a couple here.)

NBC is picking up Heroes, in which a group of regular people discover that they have superpowers. I'll keep my eye on that.

While we're here: the art of the television finale.
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