PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

litany of sorrows

Right. So.

Much turmoil around the office. The cool nightshift guy was going to leave, but now he's not. My cool dayshift coworker was going to go to a different group, but now they're rearranging her duties. Etc. Nothing I couldn't handle. Until now.

The real tragedy? They've blocked outside SSH from work. which means: I can't check my personal e-mail at work anymore. Or access any of my personal files.


(Pickett, I'm trying to use the webmail from here, but it keeps saying I have a faulty username/password. Guesses?)
OK, I'm in the webmail, it was using an old password. So now I have some vague, sort-of personal e-mail access. But still can't touch my files. Meh.
[EDIT: And yep, no access to my mail aliases, so I can only e-mail people whose e-mail I can remember. 0941 ET.]

Probably going to hop on that gmail chat in a few, hit me up there if you have something to say (paul dot jacobus). I *really* don't want to switch to any web-based e-mail permanently, man.


Yesterday was alternately tiring, awful and awesome. Hoping today is... less chaotic.

Didn't sleep much at all last night, and didn't get any painting done whatsowhoever. Today will be alternately caffeinated and queasy, I fear.

More later, I'm sure.
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