PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The urgency that led President Bush to make a rare prime-time Oval Office address last night on the subject of immigration had absolutely nothing to do with the state of the nation's borders, which are objectively no more porous today than, say, a year ago."
-Dan Froomkin

Remember Afghanistan? As the new government weakens, the Taliban makes a comeback.

Eugene Robinson laments a nation of fear.

Milbank on Rove's rare public appearance. E.J. Dionne Jr. wonders what he's thinking.

On the front lines of the rebuilding effort: the story of an ambushed convoy in Iraq.

* Fact-checking the president's speech. If you find more, post 'em below.
* The crusade for democracy is set aside for convenience in forging ties with former enemy Libya.
* BBC analysis of the falling dollar.
* Examining those Rove indictment rumors.
* Richard Cohen on McCain's speech at Falwell University. BAGnewsNotes covers the visual angle.
* McCarrick retires as head of the DC archdiocese; Wuerl named as his replacement.
* Differences and similarities in teen sex over here and in Europe. (Courtesy Ocho.)
* A new scientific link between smell and sexuality?
* Treat all women as potentially pregnant?
* Stanley Kunitz, poet laureate, passed away.

Tom Tomorrow on the revised story, and Tom Toles on the economic outlook.

New finds lead to a rethinking of Mayan history.

Sinking fast: the anatomy of a movie flop.
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