PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

odds, ends

Courtesy Tesla:
An overlay of the Metro lines onto a real world map, plus other toys. Very nifty.

Karaoke sign, in Laurel, Friday, June 9th, to celebrate my lovely girlfriend's birthday. There's an evite floating around, but I'll likely post reminders here.

Remember my "Magneto was right" shirt? Just found out that there was a t-shirt in Marvel's ill-fated 2099 run that I will also need, for the sake of parallelism.

A story I told a handful of times, but kept forgetting to post here - driving home after work on a Saturday, I'm stuck behind a shiny brand-new Civic Hybrid with the fresh-from-the-dealer temporary tags. What catches my eye is that this new car owner has already seen fit to put a bumper sticker on their new automobile. I can't quite make the sticker out, so I tailgate enough to make it out, and it reads:
I'm not giving up on you, Severus.
Tags: comic books, karaoke, not news, two-fisted tales

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