PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Still out in Brandywine, weekend going relatively smoothly.

Mother's day lunch with Selene's parents was fine and tasty Italian at Mama Stella's. Thereafter, a quick cruise up to my younger sister's place for a big family dinner. So we went straight from lunch to dinner, and let me tell you, last night I never wanted to see food again.

Pics to follow, possibly, once I get home and see how they turned out (i.e., see what I can salvage.)

Hanging out here for the rest of the day, then relaxing tonight. Tomorrow, catching up on all the interweb I'm missing out on.

Gaming/dinner/something, tomorrow night. Lost, Wednesday. Dinner and party, Saturday. Painting minis for the impending 40k megabattle, every free minute I can squeeze in at home.
Tags: not news

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