PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whither Crichton's Infotopia?

This article combines many of my favorite topics:

1.) A brief discussion of evolution of media.
In my old age, I am becoming a stranger mix of hippie and conservative, and this is affecting my view of the media, long one of my favorite subjects. Another of my favorite subjects is the evolution of the inter-web (some of the best discussions of which I have found on oddly enough.)

2.) Ripping on people for predictions that didn't come true.
If I could make a career out of mocking people for their predictions of the future that failed, I would. Tragically, the market in mocking is not what it once was. Needless to say, I have saved Usenet posts and the like for literally over two years, just for the moment when it came false, and I was able to call out the writer on it. Does this make me a jackass? Probably. Is it a risk I am willing to make for comedy? Sure.

3.) Ripping on Michael Crichton.
It's not that I am mad he is a hack writer making millions and zillions of dollars for writing pablum. I am mad it is him making the moolah and not me. Also, he is disturbingly tall.

4.) The expression "puking drunk on the new media moonshine."

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