PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Why are Americans so deeply in debt? It's not because they are using credit cards to buy plasma TVs and premium coffee drinks at Starbucks. The real culprits, according to a new analysis, are the rising costs of housing, health care and education."

Qwest explains why it refused to turn over phone records. Dan Froomkin covers the uproar over the issue, questions on the program's legality, and more. (Bonus: readers' suggestions of questions for Snow, an excellent read.)

New worries about electronic voting machines.

Dana Milbank on a retired senator's bipartisan dream.

* In case you were curious, yes, the new tax cut bill is mostly for the rich. Enjoy your $42, folks.
* The Red Cross is upset they still don't have access to prisoners.
* Yeah, about that new New Orleans evacuation plan...
* Egypt cracks down on protests, again.
* Howzabout using the military to provide border security?
* Snow debuts as press secretary, to little fanfare and fewer surprises. Also, presidential address Monday night.
* Using the DNA of a criminal's family to track down culprits.
* NASA's new weather satellite system is in trouble.
* No .xxx domain, sorry.
* Tom Hanks breaks new records.
* A chat with Edward Norton.

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