PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I spent no less than 40 minutes to get one mile on 70. Usually 70 is slow, yes, but at least moving, or I can get out of there. Not so much that time.

Yesterday night:
Couldn't sleep. The insomnia's been kinder as of recent, but not so much then. Snuck in two hours of sleep, but that's it.

Got out of work on time, rushed down to the train (it's been showing up earlier as of recent) to see this -

No, seriously, I hate you all.

Sat on the platform looking at that sign for *25* minutes, with no substantial updates. Starting to get the shakes. Crowd growing, so I know the first half of my train commute will be packed.

By some miracle, didn't get back to Greenbelt dramatically late, though I was worried for a few there. But traffic getting *to* bebe was horrendous, and getting bebe back to her mother's was as bad. Yee-gads.

Oh, and I witnessed *two* separate accidents on the way out, within a span of ten minutes.

The grand finale:
So, yes, finally back in B-more, the rain really kicks in just as I am ferrying my cartful of groceries from the store to my car. And the wind adds in, just as I am ferrying groceries from the car to the Skypad.

Aye yai yai.
Tags: not news, pics, two-fisted tales

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