PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I'm still pretty happy with Angel, in general. The MoG *need* Lilah to hang around, though, for extra mean. Angelus still isn't a very convincing criminal mastermind. I think it's the generally dopey look on the actor's face (no, the one he was born with.) Also, this master plan seems a bit convoluted.

So why am I still happy with the show? First, the Whedonverse always does really well with the episodes where deep dark secrets are revealed, and everyone suffers. Both last episode and the one the week before are thick with it, and now we get the fallout. And really, a lot of this has been ramping up right since the ballet episode last season. Which is a personal fave.

And, three weeks until Faith!

But, the best comment on last night, by Red Queen, right after the big ending: "Maybe she slept with Connor and became Cordelius."
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