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Two quotes, courtesy Jon Stewart, via Dan Froomkin:

"He's the right man to lead this important agency at this critical moment in our nation's history."
-President Bush, introducing Porter Goss.
"He's the right man to lead the CIA at this critical moment in our nation's history."
-President Bush, introducing Michael Hayden, two years later.

Metro considers making its cars less comfortable. No, really.

What if you tried to spark partisan infighting in Congress, but no one cared?

Courtesy BAGnewsNotes: Dick Cheney's non-interview and the gang of three.

Howard Kurtz on the media's New Orleans fatigue.

* Who are those fresh new faces on the UN's new Human Rights Council. Hint: you might not want to live there.
* Again with the fiscal responsibility angle, Republicans extend tax cuts.
* What was in Iran's letter to the president? Nothing useful, it seems.
* Will there be a clash between the CIA and the Pentagon?
* On the front lines with the medics in Iraq.
* Is it still news when Bush's poll numbers hit record lows?
* Howard Kurtz on even more Colbert fallout. Dan Froomkin on poll number fallout.
* Putin fears a population decline for Russia, and wants a larger army.
* The descent into delusion that led to the Chantilly police shooting.
* Combining two of my favorite things: booze and science.
* Did bloggers have an impact on the box office take for M:I 3? Also, Mr. Cruise is proving difficult to work with.

"Nearly half of the nation's children under five are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing."

Utah launches an organized-crime investigation of Warren Jeffs's sect.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, beset by fairy doors.
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