PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The surest sign that the nation is in the middle of an ideological transition is that Republicans don't want to sound like - well, Republicans."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

Good read: despite good economic news, many Americans are stressed over their personal economic outlook.

"President Bush doesn't bother with vetoes; he simply declares his intention not to enforce anything he dislikes."

Contraception use is down, and the abortion rate is up.

* CIA chief Porter Goss resigns. Or was he forced out? Post analysis shows he leaves behind a damaged agency. And his likely replacement was the head of the domestic surveillance program.
* Basra no longer the safe zone it was.
* Blair continues to reshuffle his cabinet.
* Government to retry lost terrorism case in California.
* Paula Zahn vs. 'Rumsfeld critic'. (Courtesy BAGnewsNotes.)
* Why Democrats need to fight illegal immigration.
* Parents sue school district over a book about gay families.
* Second autopsy says that Florida boot camp guards killed teen, not sickle cell.
* Jupiter's other red spot.
* A giant rock grows in Mount St. Helens.
* A short film to explain nanotech to the masses.
* Fighting dread with distraction.
* British hacker faces jail time over his search for evidence of alien technology covered up by the government.

The continuing shouting match between bloggers and the media.

Using science finds the 'unsaveable zone' for a soccer goalkeeper.

In Pictures: 40 ft. mechanical elephant.

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