PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

party on, Wayne

Thursday was Nation, and a great many cool people showed and danced. I was surprised how many people came in prom regalia this year, guess it's because the place is shutting down in a month or so.

Last night was hanging out for theantichrist's birthday. The Mexican bar at which we convened was overrun with people for some unknown reason, but luckily disoculated and ammitnox were kind enough to offer up their place as refuge. A slightly more low-key affair than I expected, but in a good way. Not that there wasn't shenanigans. To wit:

Afterwards, Selene and I crashed at the abode of leesalogic and jakethrash, which cut more than an hour and a half off my driving time, making me a happy camper (who got to work on time.) Many thanks there.

Tonight, one more party. Whew. Tomorrow, bebe-ness. Monday, fingers crossed, a quiet day at home, spending quality time with the girlfriend and painting some toy soldiers.

More later if I remember it.
Tags: clubbing, not news, pics

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