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Previously, on Lost...

Ah, parallelism.

* Previously on Lost: Ana-Lucia shot a guy, Michael runs off, Michael returns.
* Hey, Michael returned.
* Ah, Ana-Lucia flashback.
* "You don't want my help, you're going to have to get it from someone else." -Ana-Lucia's mom
* "Then I quit." -Ana-Lucia
* "You killed two of us. Good people who were leaving you alone." -Henry
* (Ethan, Goodwin, the two people Eko beat to death... Selene says Ana-Lucia killed another one too.)
* Hee hee, airport security.
* OMG Jack's Dad.
* "Why would fate do that?" -Ana-Lucia
* ...needs a bodyguard?
* Tom, Sara.
* Hee, Libby's crazy eye.
* Don't play with the blast doors, Locke.
* "If you've come to apologize, I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch. I'm just glad I didn't break it." -Henry
* "Because you're one of the good ones, John." -Henry
* A great man, but not a forgiving man. Failed his mission... to come for Locke.
* Ye-ah.
* Heh, Sawyer's got a mango system here.
* Ah, booze heals all wounds.
* "It's time. Protection duty." -Jack's Dad
* Stay in the car? She's my daughter, have every right to see her, pays the mortgage...
* And, some chick
* "Dude, nice hole." -Hurley
* "They didn't have say anything... in Bagdhad?" -Hurley
* "So it was just a coincidence that he came wandering out?" -Locke
* "You think they're on the honor system?" -Jack
* Then, the secks. (Sawyer = dumb)
* "Hey, I'm walkin' here!" -Sawyer
* "I can't ever go back." -Jack's Dad
* Heh, picnic planning.
* Heh, Locke covers for her. Or, for Henry.
* Michael awakens!
* Tents, dirty clothes, twenty-two, no boat, no Walt. "They have a hatch." 24x7 guard...
* Time to get the guns back. Heh, leaving Ana-Lucia to watch the hatch.
* "No, that's a different tree." -Hurley
* "Hurley, this is our beach. There's Jin." -Libby
* There was wine?
* "Maybe if I get drunk enough I'll remember when I know you from." -Hurley
* Burning the manuscript, nice job, Jack.
* "Jack, I need to tell you something..." -Locke
* Oh, Henry knew Goodwin.
* OMG HANSO COMMERCIAL (Take that, TiVo viewers!)
* 1-877-HANSORG
* (Apparently this is the launch of their new game. More investigation tomorrow.)
* Ah, Chrissy.
* Heh, Ana-Lucia calls Mom *and* confesses.

Michael: Sawyer has all the guns?
Ana-Lucia: Long story.

* And now she confesses to Michael.
* "I couldn't do this. I couldn't kill him... I can't do this anymore." -Ana-Lucia
* 18 right, 1 left, 31 right.
* "I'm sorry." -Michael
* Bye Ana-lucia.
* (Man, both of the cast members arrested for drunk driving, what are the odds?)
* (Where's that water dripping from?)
* And shot himself!

Next week: "We are being tested."

And yes, The Hanso Foundation website is back up and revamped and even more awesome.
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