PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

the facts, ma'am.

Dinner at Marrakesh:
Very tasty. Got to see lots of friends, but of course not enough of them for long enough. Dancer was cool, balanced a sword on her hip while she danced, which was impressive. Meal felt a little rushed at times, but then again, there was over 30 of us, so, yeah. (I also felt special because I knew everyone there.)
The gay bar afterwards:
Very amusing, most of the time.
Fun anecdote:
At the end of the evening, one of my other straight cohorts confided in me that he had not had his ass grabbed by that many men in one night before. I mentioned to him, my ass remained ungrabbed the entire evening. The reason? There was not one single gay guy in there with long hair. Seriously. I might as well have been wearing a straight sign.
Birthday girl:
Had a happy birthday, so, success.
Tags: clubbing, food, not news

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