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"In the view of President Bush's hawkish advisers, China represents the United States's most important and dangerous geopolitical rival in the years to come. In the view of democracy and human rights activists, China represents the most blatant challenge to Bush's ostensible passion for freedom across the globe. But what seemed to matter the most to Bush as he hosted President Hu Jintao at the White House yesterday was that the 1.3 billion Chinese represent a lot of customers. Once a businessman, always a businessman. And in fact, Bush's positions on many controversial issues - immigration, Social Security, China, gas prices, Iraq reconstruction - are often most predictably in line with big-business interests."
-the dramatic return of Dan Froomkin

Fill up now: gas shortages possible on the East Coast.

As metal prices increase, a penny is now worth more than, uh, a penny.

"Few grownups talk the way George W. Bush does." -Dick Meyer

* CIA officer fired for leaks to the press.
* Army suicides reach new peak.
* How the GOP lost its way.
* David Ignatius on fixing the intelligence mess.
* A BBC profile of Jawad al-Maliki, the new nominee to lead Iraq.
* E.J. Dionne Jr. on the administration's fear of a Democratic Congress.
* The youth in Iran face a lot of dead ends and economic hardships.
* Democrats seek to use Katrina as their 9/11.
* Karl Rove as a history student.
* Bush gets no love in California.
* Judge defends stem cell research from a legal challenge.
* A breakthrough in cracking a CIA code mystery?

Dealing with the catacombs left below the city.

This weekend's surprise comeback for... Captain Planet.

Ten big summer movies to look forward to.
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