PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, on City of Heroes...

So, after a bit of a rocky start, I log back in and start looking for a pickup team. After asking in Talos, I get an offer. Right off the bat, I notice the other two team members are level 50 and 48. Uh. I ask if they're sure, and they confirm, yeah. The 50 then asks, 'hey, do you have two SOs for accuracy in each of your attacks?' Being just barely level 23, I admit I don't yet. To which he replies 'OK, meet me at the mutation store.' Five minutes and about 15 SOs later, I tell him I'm good now. He then buys me a couple more, and we head out.

We run through a handful of their missions in a couple hours of gameplay, only one going tragically wrong (I now know that yes, Sappers *are* as bad as everyone says.) The highlight of my night is when one of the leaders of my supergroup sends me a tell to mention that the level 50 dude was complimenting my blaster skills on the coalition-leaders private chat group.

OK, the other highlight was tanking one of those Atlas mechs.

In related news, I'm still loving the fire/fire blaster, and at this rate, he'll be my highest level character in short order. (Plus, shiny new supergroup uniform.)
Tags: gaming, not news

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