PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Analysis: an administration in survival mode. Also, how McClellan reflected Bush's problems with the press. Plus more media notes from Howard Kurtz on the shakeup, and Dick Polman on McClellan's other mission.

Aid workers forced to abandon Darfur.

War costs are skyrocketing, and the Senate is set to investigate.

* BAGnewsNotes on anti-gay marriage signage.
* Robert J. Samuelson on immigration and a conspiracy against assimilation..
* How the White House job switcheroo could affect international trade.
* What is the China problem? I mean, other than human rights.
* Housing costs and state-to-state migration.
* Andrew Cohen on Skilling's testimony.
* The Iowa mumps outbreak is the worst in two decades. Also, bubonic plague in Los Angeles.
* The ten worst cities for allergies.
* The worst song of all time.

Being bad: "...public humiliation has lost its barb."

"...The performance of the Knicks has been beyond imagination. The team has the highest payroll in the National Basketball Association ($125 million) but nonetheless will finish the year at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference. Its payroll is so rich that four players sitting out the Charlotte game the other night ... had contracts worth $53 million. That is one expensive bench."
-Richard Cohen

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