PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"So, either Bush is out of the loop and has no idea what the facts are regarding America's decision-making when it comes to going to war, or Bush likes to jump the gun and make definitive statements to the American people about why we need to go to war, but he uses evidence that he knows isn't even real yet. So tell me again, Scottie, which one is it? Is Bush ignorant or simply a liar?"
-John Aravosis (See also Dick Polman.)

A talk with John Negroponte.

More retired generals call for Rumsfeld's resignation, but they say this isn't a coordinated effort. Also, David Ignatius agrees.

Omaha votes to split its school districts along racial lines.

* "The U.S. military has spent just 40% of the $7 billion appropriated in 2005 for the training of Iraqi and Afghanistan security forces, a top Pentagon priority that is lynchpin for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq."
* More Americans are sick of foreign affairs.
* News analysis of Europe's problems with economic change.
* New Jersey is the newest state to ban indoor smoking.
* Two Smithsonian museums under renovation.
* Not quite the heir to Howard Stern that they wanted, David Lee Roth's radio show is suffering.
* South Park takes on censorship by Comedy Central.

Hollywood finds religion.

A Sesame Street for a younger audience.

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