PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What concerns me is, why didn't President Bush just come out and say that he was the leaker? Instead, when this leak first became public, the president said that anyone in his administration involved in the leak would be fired. Is he going to fire himself now?"
-Lloyd Garver

Analysis: Iran's defiance narrows options for response. Could Iran grow to dominate the whole Middle East? Is the nuclear threat years away? Also, world opinion roundup.

Dick Meyer wants a third party option.

"It is startling to hear, in private conversations, how widely and deeply the U.S. officer corps despises this secretary of defense."

* Robert Scheer wants to get to the bottom of the leak cover-up.
* Dick Polman on the political hot potato over immigration.
* "So whose opinions should we respect on matters Iraq? Smart combat veterans who have graduated from top schools in the United States and who have faced bombs and bullets and bled in Iraq, or a radio producer who has never been there and who cannot control his temper in the face of words?"
* Probe photographs the south pole of Venus.
* The real first man in space.
* 25th anniversary of the space shuttle.
* Girl undergoes 'revolutionary' heart operation.
* Working to explain obsessive compulsive disorder.
* Japan invents scented movies.

Developing snake robots for use in disasters and emergencies.

New TV shows now facing cancellation.

Heh. Gay and lesbian parents line up for the White House Easter Egg Roll.

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