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Previously, on Lost...

"...and the thing, with the, uh, stuff on it..."

* Previously, on Lost: "Right here, there's a line."
* "Cereal goes on the left, Bernard." -Rose
* "They've given up!" -Bernard
* Recreating the diagram, nice.
* 2 days hunger strike for Henry. "They'll never give you Walt."
* Digging herself into the snow, hee.
* The all-cute episode? I love Bernard and Rose.
* Mmm, Dharmalars. (Why aren't they selling all these at the grocery store?)
* Going alone into the jungle would be Jack's worst idea ever, and that's saying a lot.
* "I'm not inviting you, I'm inviting Kate." -Jack (rowr!)
* Bernard's speech.
* "Dude, we, like, built a raft, but it got blown up." -Hurley
* A big sign? Uh, Bernie, if they're airdropping food...
* Ouch, way to undercut him, Rose.
* "Well, the only thing you're doing is giving these people false hope." O.u.c.h.
* Ack, hair flashback.
* "Bernard, I'm dying. I'm sick, and I'm dying."
* (OK, I was sort of holding out hope that they were just the perfect cute couple, and none of the flashbacks would reveal anything weird or secretive.)
* Charlie, are you just naturally a follower, or naturally a tool? I can't tell.

Bernard: Everybody on this island is building something. I'm trying to get us saved.
Eko: People are saved in different ways.

* Henry, you ass.
* "Yes, Hurley, we're going to need a lot more rocks." -Bernard
* "I wanted to be on a beach for our honeymoon." -Rose
* Hee, faith healer.
* And I know there's something hidden on his wall.

Rose: I have made my peace with what's happening to me.
Bernard: Well, I haven't.

* Aw, he's just feeling guilty.
* "I asked Sayid first, but he turned me down." -Jack, confirming that Kate is, in fact, just sloppy seconds after Sayid.
* eee, doll
* "Sorry." -Kate
* Selene's theory: 'I bet they'll tell people they triggered the trap on purpose to get caught.'
* "Oh, good, you can hear me." -Jack
* Heh, Rousseau's gonna be mad about her traps.
* "Well, at least they'll know where we are." -Jack
* "You're in my spot." -Rose
* "I'm done with the hatch." -Locke
* "You and I boh know it isn't going to take that long." -Rose
* ...Spots on the earth, magnetic...
* "It's not that you can't be healed. This is not the right place for you." -Isaac
* "I'm going to tell him you healed me." -Rose
* Kate didn't tell them about the other hatch??!?
* Again with the creepy rain.
* Hey, nice black rock there.
* Aw, supper.
* "That's not why I'm apologizing." -Rose
* "He didn't heal me, but that does not mean I'm not healed." -Rose
* "It's this place." "Trust me, I know."
* "And if you can't leave, neither can I." -Bernard

Ana-Lucia: I pressed your button.
Locke: It's not my button.

* And now, the diagram is coming back to him.
* Oh montage sequence, how I missed you.
* Hee, Hurley's shadow puppets. And yay, Sawyer and Vincent!
* Wait, you can't have anything after a montage sequence!

Kate: How long are you going to wait?
Jack: Until I get my voice back. And then I'm going to yell some more.

* ZOMG MICHAEL. (My money was on Desmond.)

Coming up (= two weeks from tonight): "This is it." "I found them." Michael, are you an Other already?
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