PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Lazy Saturday afternoon. I just finished reading the new Powers graphic novel, Roleplay. Much like the first, it is awesome. RQ is upstairs with a baby, watching some horse movie.

Last night caught The Rocketeer, which remains adequate fun. Tried to stay up and watch Resident Evil, which I *love,* but alas, tired.

Having a few people over tonight (if you're bored and wanna join us, gimme a call.) I'm about to go put up some more shelves to make this basement less of a messy warehouse and more of a, uh, clean warehouse.

* Justice Department is considering legislative proposals to expand government power to investigate, detain and punish suspected terrorists _in secret and without court supervision._ Sigh.
* Cheetahs love Calvin Klein (courtesy greyaenigma.)
* More confirmation that the site of ancient Troy has been found.
* Straight Dope on our plans to invade Canada. For real. Please believe it. Word.

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