PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In other (gaming) news...

Snuck in a little CoH last night (as I reactivated my account Monday, HOORAY.) Didn't get a lot done, teamed up with another fire blaster who was two levels higher than me. Ran through some missions with the sweet, sweet justice of burning all our foes to a crisp. Sorry, "arresting" them to a crisp. After we were done teaming, I went to sell and hit contacts, and who should I run into at the ass-end of Independence Port buyt my arch-nemesis Lusca. A few broadcasts and deaths later, and hello Devilfish badge for Burndown.

Also, my gaming group is putting together a Warhammer 40k megabattle for late May, which is dragging me out of retirement. I love me some megabattles, even if I'm not a huge fan of 40k these days. Want to get my figs more or less all painted for the affair, though, so nose to the grindstone time. Luckily my lovely girlfriend is more or less OK with me painting while she reads the book club book out loud to me.
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