PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The lesson: Americans fight short wars. In its 230 years of history the United States has engaged in only relatively quick military engagements. The last two and a third centuries have seen a world ravaged by constant, brutal hostilities, yet American military forces are in-and-out in three to four years."

New report rates the stability of Iraq's provinces. It isn't good news. (Bonus: graphic.)

Congressional Republicans are having a flashback. Meanwhile, Bush is running out of time to rebound.

In South Dakota, hope in the quest to overturn the upcoming abortion ban.

* 'Special counsel places Cheney at core of campaign to "seek revenge against" critic of Iraq war.'
* Military plans for less rebuilding after future wars. Speaking of which, how about planning for military action against Iran?
* Gasoline prices continue to rise.
* Who will rise to fill DeLay's shoes?
* The spotlight on lobbying shines on family members.
* Ted Rall on Chavez and hypocrisy.
* Questions raised by the gospel of Judas.
* China tries to deal with online gaming addiction.
* Horror, straight to DVD.

"The key reason that virtually no one in America went to see Basic Instinct 2 is that sex... no longer sells. At least, it no longer sells at the movies."

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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