PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

First movie of last night's double-feature was Dead Man Walking. It's pretty good, I can see why it got the awards and nominations it did. But it's certainly not something I am gonna rush out and buy on DVD, or even plot to see again at some point. The soundtrack, however, was surprisingly compelling. Oh, and I was looking for a movie with R. Lee Ermey, Jack Black *and* Clancy Brown.

Second feature was The Devil's Backbone which was *very* nice and foreign-ly creepy. Highly recommended. Guillermo del Toro rocks the house.

Did I mention we didn't get this ball rolling until nine because we were waiting to see Scrubs? Which, since we didn't check ahead of time, wasn't on, because NBC thinks we need two episodes of friends a night? Fooey.

Fortune Cookie: "We can learn from everyone, especially from our enemies."

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