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Previously, on Lost...

Words fail me.

* Previously on Lost Nevermind.
* "It's not my metabolism, I'm sick." -Hurley
* Uh, maybe they could give some of that food they're trashing to the rest of the survivors? Just tossing the idea out there, guys.
* Hahaha, more food.
* Hey, look over there, it's Dave famous comic book author Brian Michael Bendis.
* "Uh oh." -Hurley

Libby: I'm proud of you.
Hurley: For what?
Libby: Not freaking out.

* OMG, his psychiatrist is Senator Kelly from the X-men movies!
* In for two months so far...
* "Dave's the most normal person in here." (Yeah, right.)
* (Side note: the guy actually playing Dave has a long resume as a guest star.)
* Hairline fracture, ouch.
* Henry Gale all hung up, ouch.
* Heh, final letter written on a twenty.
* Ooh, who is this "he" that Henry's so afraid of? Hanso? Walt?
* "You can't do this! I'm not a bad person!"
* And Locke's feeling impotent.
* Hey, look, it's Ako. And he's building... something. (My money's on a church.)

Charlie: Are you gonna tell me?
Ako: Not right now.

* Hey, Charlie, lift with the legs, man.
* Mmm, Dharma Fish Crackers, my favorite brand.
* "You're not here!" -Hurley
* "The revolution has begun, man!" -Dave
* You know, Dave was sort of a jerk. Except for the picture, of course.
* Sawyer never learned how to eat Oreos chocolate cream cookies?
* OK, explaining that part to Sawyer might not have been a smart thing.
* Comedy gold, people.
* "Don't you got an adventure to get to?" -Sawyer
* Hee, back to the caves. Been wondering about them, personally.
* Man, that tear in the backpack certainly happened to shatter each food container individually.
* 23 people on the deck, built to hold 8...
* Ah, eats to punish himself, interesting.
* "Dave isn't your friend, Hugo, because Dave doesn't exist." -Dr. Brooks
* (That can't be the big secret to this episode, can it? It was too obvious, I was waiting for the big surprise to be that he does exist.)
* (OMG he's a vampire, and that's why he doesn't show up on film!)
* (Seriously, guys, worst telegraph ever.)
* "You don't want me to get better." -Hurley
* "It's going to get a little worse before it gets better." -Dave
* "Here's the thing, ah, none of that ever happened." -Dave
* Hee, your own private Idaho.
* And, you know, listening to Dave explain it that way, the whole premise of the show does sound a little goofy. (You remember, like when they did this episode on Buffy...) (I loved that episode.) (Almost as much as I love parentheses.) (Anyways.)
* "So, this is all in my brain?" -Hurley
* "What part of me are you?" -Hurley
* Oh, crap, a cliff. I know for a fact Hurley's seen The Matrix, luckily.
* So, does anyone actually jump off the cliff in their dreams? Anyone?
* "See you in another life, Hurley." -Dave
* It's symbolic that Locke got crutches in this episode. (I'm so witty.)
* Jack's telling everyone about Henry. That musta been a fun speech.
* "Why don't you keep calling me Henry? I've gotten used to it."
* Could you stand someplace a little less symbolic, Locke?
* "God doesn't know."
* "This place is a joke, John."
* a magnet, a big magnet...
* "Because, in real life, no girl like you would ever like me." -Hurley
* "And don't tell me you made me up. It's insulting." -Libby
* "Maybe you should do that one more time, to make sure." -Hurley
* That look on her face...
* So, her big secret is that she's not a natural blonde?
* Next week: "They'll never give you Walt."

Hellooo, sexy.
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