PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"It's time someone told them: Guys, it's over. Not conservatism, which can be better than this, and not criticism of liberals and the left, who often deserve it; what's over is your endless baiting of liberals."
-Jim Sleeper

The British Defence Secretary wants to update 'the rules of war.'

"Is anyone paying attention to the president anymore?"

* Instant analysis with Robert G. Kaiser.
* New 'friendly fire' probe in Afghanistan.
* Howard Kurtz on rumor vs. news.
* Wal-Mart targets urban areas.
* Chavez spends big to win support overseas.
* What about the fault under New Orleans that's causing the area to sink?
* China describes space exploration plans.
* The psychology behind impulsive behavior.
* 'The man who took 40,000 ecstasy tablets.'
* Instant messaging makes lives transparent.
* supports Clooney vs. Gawker.

And the #1 American TV show worldwide... will surprise you.

King Kong sets DVD records.

Katie Couric to anchor CBS Evening News.
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