PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"One of the things that frustrates many of us who care about our country and the truth is the rampant barrage of misinformation, disseminated by such vociferous special interests, whether they are ethnocentric social activists, labor unions, the Catholic Church or Corporate America. The truth is advocates of amnesty, guest-worker programs and open borders are unconcerned about the 280 million American citizens, the men and women of this country who work for a living and their families."
-Lou Dobbs

Whatever happened to that dialog on poverty that Katrina brought in?

"You might think 55 months would be enough to produce an anti-terrorism plan. You'd be wrong."

Average Joe? Trying to boost support, Bush plays up his anti-intellectual, regular-guy image.

* Contractor fails to build required medical clinics in Iraq.
* Can the criminals behind the Darfur tragedy be brought to justice?
* 'The unseen soldiers fighting the shadow war in Iraq.'
* Identity theft isn't half as bad as predicted.
* Toymakers work hard for the girl market.
* 'Can digital cartoons ever have the same charm as hand-drawn characters?'
* The NYTimes on

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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