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"Slowly but surely, investigative reporter Murray Waas has been putting together a compelling narrative about how President Bush and his top aides contrived their bogus case for war in Iraq; how they succeeded in keeping charges of deception from becoming a major issue in the 2004 election; and how they continue to keep most of the press off the trail to this day. What emerges in Waas's stories is a consistent White House modus operandi: That time and time again, Bush and his aides have selectively leaked or declassified secret intelligence findings that served their political agenda - while aggressively asserting the need to keep secret the information that would tend to discredit them."
-Dan Froomkin

Dana Milbank on the immigration catfight. (Bonus: Scarlet Letter reference.) Poll finds Americans divided on the issue. And hey, what about NAFTA?

Heh. John Dean testifies in favor of Bush censure.

* Tough times ahead for the India nuclear deal.
* Another former DeLay aide pleads guilty.
* Federal judge critical of intelligence revamp.
* Yet more presidential fact checking. This one's a bit easy, though.
* Howard Kurtz on questions about Jill Carroll's captivity and release.
* Eugene Robinson can't enjoy the Republican meltdown.
* Ariana Huffington has a simple and effective lobbying reform suggestion.
* The bill for fixing the levees goes up and up.
* Republicans move to restrict 527 groups, and the FEC gets marching orders.
* One year later, the Schiavo controversy persists.
* Drones become increasingly important to modern warfare.
* This just in: science can't measure the religious.

Poll finds TV viewers don't want government regulation of content.

Courtesy Ocho: 87 bad predictions about the future.

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