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Previously, on Lost...

My god. It's full of stars.
Interesting interpretation of the overlay here.

* Previously, on Lost: Locke flashback, balloon search, etc.
* Hee, Locke's socks. Aw, picnic proposal.
* She reads the obits? Huh. And, you're Dad's dead.
* Redraw map! Again with the smart ideas.
* Searching for three hours. Hey, grave. "Why isn't it raining here?" -Ana-Lucia
* "Maybe if I were in the loop I could be more helpful." -Hurley. Also, oh, snap.
* Ah, Neosporin.
* Hey, what's that noise? Static, feedback... clock not ticking? VOICE.
* Heh, only two at funeral. I mean, except the goombahs.
* "I forgive you." -Locke
* Hee, fruit gambling.
* "Hatch ain't going nowhere, Doc. How about you put your mangoes where your mouth is?" -Sawyer
* Lights flashing, eep.
* Hee, home inspector. Oh, hi Nadia.
* ACK, Dad. Oh, don't trust him!
* Ack, don't trust Gale either.
* "Should I go get a ruler?" -Kate
* Ah, lever. Archimedes would be proud. OUCH, legs. Impaled!
* So, there is money in the deposit box, but...
* Ah, goombahs.
* Hee, of course Sawyer tried to cheat. I would think less of him if he didn't.
* Hey, pick up after yourself when you're shaking down people.
* Crap, don't explain the button to him!
* Ouch, fall.
* Hee, medicinal betting.
* "Let's just say something was burning and it wasn't from the sunshine." -Sawyer
* "When I need the guns, I'll get the guns." -Sawyer
* "I didn't do this for the money." -Locke
* Oh, shot down. Also, nice airplane shot there.

* "Thank you for not leaving me." -Locke
* So, uh, walk you back, baby?
* Flashy light? SUPPLIES. And the kids! Who will never trust each other again.
* Lights were out for ten seconds? Felt longer.
* "Don't look at me, it's yor hatch." -Henry
* Hey, they dug up the grave, smart. And surprise! Henry Gale's license.
* In case you missed it, we *still* don't know how Locke was paralyzed.
* Next week: is Hurley seeing things? STAY TUNED.

So what were those 'five things' in the trailer for this episode from last week, anyways? The hidden design, the voice, the supplies, the grave...

[NOTE: Pictures added, last updated 1008 ET]
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