PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"These signing statements are a clever device if Congress will let him get away with them. As he did with the torture legislation, the President can publicly take credit for signing popular legislation while in fact fighting it all the way and refusing to commit to abide by it. At the same time, he can sidestep a veto override. Instead of engaging constructively with Congress in the process of drafting and negotiating legislation, he can duck the responsibility of voting it up or down and ambush the congressional compromise after the fact."
-Senator Patrick Leahy, 2006

So, why isn't Iraq a bigger story? Also, where are the uncensored pictures?

"This would seem to be an odd time to declare Christianity under siege." -Dana Milbank

* Senate rejects proposal for independent ethics office.
* FISC judges speak out on domestic surveillance.
* Why the NYTimes declined to participate in off-the-record talks with the President.
* New criticism of Halliburton in Iraq.
* Andrew Cohen on Moussaoui's suicidal defense.
* The Card departure: Analysis says Bush is listening to critics. On friends and the presidency. Bolten has been an ally to the president for a good long time.
* Threats to America's economic future.
* Company offers to slow Maryland electrical rate increase.
* Maryland Senate kills morning-after pill bill.
* Q&A on the actual risks of avian flu.
* Profanity becomes more prevalent. My theory is, if people really wanted to hear less fucking cursing, they would fucking curse less.
* The video game industry rediscovers solo gamers.

Cat issued restraining order.
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