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"Yes, that's the president of the United States talking about deliberately faking a UN overflight in order to provoke a phony confrontation with Saddam — or if that didn't work, trotting out a defector to lie about Iraqi WMD. Honor and dignity, baby, honor and dignity."
-Kevin Drum

More presidential fact checking, courtesy Dick Polman. Fun read.

Group seeks Scalia's recusal in detainee case. In related news, Scalia flipped the bird to reporters.

"The murder of a person for his religious belief ought to be inconceivable."

* White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card resigns. More on this to come, to be sure. "Card's departure in no way addresses the two even more fundamental areas where Bush is vulnerable: His decisions and his credibility." -Dan Froomkin
* Good read: Josh Marshall on the inside scoop on the CPA.
* Write your own joke: Iranian conservatives fear radicalism.
* The immigration issue is a minefield for both parties. Rallies nationwide have surprised some in power, as well.
* Bush's new tactics to win over the press.
* NASA revives asteroid mission.
* Collecting ferret sneezes to combat bird flu.
* Why a flu pandemic is unlikely.
* Former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger passed away.

Ben Domenech talks about his short-lived column on the Post website.

Stars sign for Ocean's 13. No, I don't know why.

Dutchman to build a smaller replica of Noah's ark. (The comment from his wife cracks me up.)
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