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"The minority population in the Washington region will become the majority in well under a decade, a benchmark of the racial and ethnic change that is reconfiguring the area's political, economic and social identity."

Were our missteps in Iraq and the War on Terror(tm) just endemic problems to the evolution of the age of postmodern warfare?

The problem with the administration's good vs. evil worldview is that it just doesn't hold up in reality.

A torture survivor can't understand how our government could support it. (Warning: graphic.)

Robert Scheer on Bush's comeuppance in Cleveland.

Setting new speed records, the Post's new Republican blogger is gone. (Courtesy squeegibo.)

* Talk of impeachment grows, but is it just a distraction?
* Republican candidates quietly court the religious right. Also, Bush starts the fight to keep Congressional majorities. And, a new book on the conservative rift.
* Cuba wanted to give the prize money to charity. The administration had other ideas.
* Bad news for atheists (courtesy valancymay.)
* William Arkin on free speech vs. patriotism.
* Poverty grows in Israel.
* Nigeria to turn over Taylor.
* France is re-embracing its revolutionary spirit.
* First photos from the new Mars observer.

That Napoli cartoon that's been going around, courtesy stormcat.

This I Believe: The Artistry in Hidden Talents

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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