PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The contrast could not have been more stark, nor the message more clear. On the day that a court-martial imposed justice on a 24-year-old Army sergeant for tormenting detainees at Abu Ghraib with his dog, President Bush said once again that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, whose benighted policies and managerial incompetence led to the prisoner abuse scandal, was doing a 'fine job' and should stay at his post."

NPR covers what's at stake in the debate over whether or not Iraq is in a civil war.

Commentary on the Washington Post's new "Red America" blog, one from Media Matters and one from Josh Marshall.

"In fact, a stunning 83 percent of the pieces appearing [in the New York Times] that discussed abortion were written by men."

* So, what if things in Iraq are worse than the media is reporting?
* Good read: between the lines of the Supreme Court's most recent decision.
* A new legal tactic to bring justice to the Guantanamo detainees.
* Crime returns to New Orleans.
* Courtesy rackletang: the Sioux bring hope to women in South Dakota.
* NASA launches microsatellites to study the Earth's magnetic fields.
* More space station woes.
* The many deaths of Steve Buscemi.
* The Da Vinci Code defense reveals the secrets of a pulp novelist.
* South Park fans threaten a boycott of Mission: Impossible 3.

Texas is arresting people for public drunkenness... in bars.

I'm ahead of the curve: beards are back in style, baby.

The article is interesting, but the added bonus is Andrew W.K. singing "Mandy".

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