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Previously, on Lost...

"My eyes are up here, Locke."

* Previously, on Lost: "Henry Gale," "kidnapping," "airquotes."
* Ah, fan service for the ladies and the men.
* "Trying for a year"
* Jin, you garden-wrecking jerk.
* And Ana-Lucia is running!

Locke: You were running like the devil's chasing you.
Ana-Lucia: Maybe he is.

* "I'm taking the necessary steps to solve it... I don't need Jack's permission." -Locke
* See, I like Rose and Bernard because they act like an old married couple. "It's Saturday, Bernard."
* Oh, Lex Jae is teaching her English.
* "The steam opens up my pores." -Locke
* Also, I want a Dharma towel.
* How many people know about the army building idea?
* Pregnancy test!
* "Sounds kind of silly when you say it like that." -Henry
* Sun running into Hurley, hee.
* Scar tissue? Endomitriosis?
* "Oh, yes. I was trying to trap the son of a fisherman." OH SNAP.
* Dining room tables? Huh.
* Hey, a map. On the title page of the book. "I asked nicely."
* "Jack and Locke are a little too worried about Locke and Jack." -Ana-Lucia
* OK, first Jack gets interesting, and now Ana-Lucia's cool again? Well played.
* Could this even be Charlie's redemption? Loving the combo of him, Sayid, and Ana-Lucia.
* "Maybe not, but at least we're on the right island." -Ana-Lucia
* And the gun... SIKE. Nice.
* The test is positive, huh. I guessed wrong.
* "I was glad." -Sun
* "But you can't run away from your life." -Lex Jae
* "People don't like me." -Ana-Lucia
* It wasn't you that killed Shannon. It was Them." -Sayid (Sound familiar?)
* Oh, crap, rain. Something bad's about to happen.
* "Pearl. For Rose." -Bernard
* Jin's point of view hearing, awesome.
* Replanting, aw.
* "I hate being this way. Fighting... I can't talk to anyone." -Jin
* A-ha, the doc lied.
* "We'll be lucky if there's anyone left to tell." -Sun
* "So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?" -Henry
* Dharma cereal!
* "Wow, you guys have some real trust issue, don't you?" -Henry
* NEXT EPISODE: Five events! Balloon! Blast doors!

FROM LAST EPISODE: McShifty was totally right, there's a clearly marked escape hatch in the 'Caduceus bunker.'

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