PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"This is not good. The people running this country sound convinced that reality is whatever they say it is. And if they've actually strayed into the realm of genuine self-delusion - if they actually believe the fantasies they're spinning about the bloody mess they've made in Iraq over the past three years - then things are even worse than I thought."
-Eugene Robinson

Warnings about an American theocracy.

The FBI claims it can't afford e-mail for everyone. Uh, just get Gmail accounts, dudes.

* FBI agent details his warnings about Moussaoui.
* Probing the military in the killings of some Iraqi civilians?
* Early clues on Bush's domestic surveillance?
* Dana Milbank on the state of Chertoff.
* "I have a new theory about what's behind everything that's wrong with the Bush administration: manliness."
* Meanwhile overseas, Blair is facing his own controversies.
* The Whitewater investigation finally ends
* FDA to review ban on gay men donating blood.
* Ancient tomb yields depictions of Homer's epics.

Courtsy Ocho: the BBC described 'upwardly Gothic.'

How about a new, sportier hijab?

The Tom Cruise/South Park war escalates.
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