PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bush, master of the straw man argument.

The administration is rewriting science.

* Examining the different views on Iraq. Meanwhile, al-Zarqawi is gaining influence.
* Australia hit by devastating cyclone.
* As we've lost one branch of the balance of power in government, it's crucial that we don't lose another.
* Bush's political death from a thousand cuts.
* Ken Rudin on politics, polls, and prospectives.
* Republicans work to define their message for the elections.
* Studies show dire problems for black men.
* So why didn't the Da Vinci Code's author's wife take the stand, if she's the one that did all the research?
* Another two years of The Simpsons.

"There ought to be a law making it compulsory for anyone who reports the name of the winner of a lottery, to also give the name of all the losers. The names would be followed by the amount each person lost – just the way they give the amount the winner got. Lotteries usually pay out less than half of what is bet. It's the worst odds of any gambling operation."
-Andy Rooney

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