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a big pile of Saturday

The good news is, my back was hurting dramatically less last night. Is this the fabled road to recovery? Time will tell. Yesterday was also the last day of the antibiotics which have been kicking my ass all week, so, fingers are crossed until the next shoe drops.

Hung out last night with JubJub. Tasty s00shi at a new place near her (yes, Velvet, it's back on the menu) then coffee and back to her pad for some television. She introduced me to two new animes. The first, Ergo Proxy, she assures me will be the Next Next Big Thing, and having seen the first episode or so, I have to agree. Great for the Adult Swim night set. *Very* stylish and fashionable, and oh so dark. I also caught the first episode of the Next Big Thing, Bleach, which is clearly destined for the Toonami crowd. Not as much up my alley as the first, though. Thereafter, we accidentally watched that new Doctor Who on SciFi. I'm officially entertained. And it helped that JubJub could fill me in on the backstory, always a good thing.

Getting out to her place was a bit more exciting. Discussion around the office yesterday afternoon convinced me that yes, Metro'ing back to Greenbelt, then driving to Falls Church, then driving *back* to Baltimore at the end of the night was probably crazy talk. After some Metro research, it was determined that her place is only a ten-minute bus ride from the Metro station. The first rule here is that the time estimates only count if you take the bus heading the right direction, so I took a nice detour up around Tyson's Corner. (I'm not a bus rider, you see.) We won't discuss the standing room-only crowds.

The Metro ride home took longer than expected, though, due to a couple spots of the train... just sitting on the tracks for ten minutes. Lots of drunk St. Patrick's Day revelers, as predicted, but they tended to stay on the opposite side of the ccar from us late-night commuters.

Oh, and earlier this week was a surprise dinner thanks to Pickett and (his lovely companion, who I am hoping will remind me of the new code name I picked for her, since I have since misplaced it.) Harmony. Their three girls were a treat at least 80% of the time, as always. The ribs were so delicious, an I apparently amused my dinner associates as I even deigned to eat them without the assistance of silverware, much like the barbarian Hun.*

Now, three bebe pics:

The first is just a nice shot of her riding the carosel with Selene at that mall in Columbia. Bebe loves the carousel, I tell you.

My mom loves picking up presents for her. Loves. One of the presents recently acquired is the hula hoop, which none of us seem to quite get right. Here, bebe brought the hoop into the kitchen while Selene was cooking, put the hoop on the floor, and then just stood in it.

Finally, here's her glamour shot outside my favorite Chinese place, Gracie's Fortune in Bowie, where we were meeting Selene's parents and brother for a buffet.

Also courtesy the ever-informative JubJub: They Might Be Giants will be at the 930 Club on April 26, and the next night at Sonar in Baltimore. This is tempting. Oh, and this Venue Songs thing is highly amusing.

Hmmm. Had some other stuff to add here, but now can't recall what. Finally watched The Aristocrats, which was pretty darn entertaining. Enjoying the book club book, on track to actually finish on time for a change of pace. Plugging away at new icons, since it's almost that time of year.

* - I'm not adverse to eating with my hands, I just don't do it unless there's no efficient alternative.
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