PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"How can Bush still argue for attacking another country based on his suspicions about their intentions - when the first time he tried it, his public case turned out to be so utterly specious?... Winning support for the application of a doctrine of preemption requires enormous credibility. It requires public trust in intelligence and motives. And that trust isn't there."
-Dan Froomkin

"In truth, things have slipped so far downhill in Iraq that it's hard to say what our goals are, much less whether or not we're in a position to meet them."
-Matthew Yglesias

"Is political persuasion mostly useless? Is the percentage of people essentially immune to rational argument about political things increasing?"
-Dick Meyer

* Top military lawyers agree that torture tactics went too far.
* David S. Broder on Bush's pro-war rallies.
* Didn't someone mention fiscal responsibility at some point.
* Dan Froomkin on Bush, polls, incompetence, and more.
* Medical care sucks, but it sucks equally. Bush recommends seniors rely on family. (Here's the vaguely amusing transcript.)
* Are Republicans pleased with the call for censure?
* Over Bolton's objections, the UN votes in a new human rights council.
* The administration wants to raise the rates paid by military retirees for their health care.
* Detailing Supreme Court death threats.
* Republicans disagree on curbs to lobbying.
* Another questionable staffing pick by the administration.
* Kansas requires parental permission for sex ed.
* Clooney says he didn't write that blog post.

Bishops allow meat this Friday.

"That's the real question: What do you do to stir attendance, to get people in theaters?"

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