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"The same government that wants jurors to believe it would have foiled the Sept. 11 plot by listening to a crazed al Qaeda trainee one month before the attacks cannot even follow simple and fundamental trial rules that first-year law students are taught."
-Andrew Cohen (good read) (more details)

Welcome to America, 2006. How about hiring mercenaries to keep New Orleans safe?

Pharmacies suffering under the new Medicare drug plan.

O'Connor says Republican dominance might head us towards a dictatorship.

BAGnewsNotes on the real accomplishment of the censure call. (Bonus: the text of the censure.)

* Israelis storm a Palestinian prison. No, I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish.
* Bush's ratings hit yet another new low as he tries to drum up war support. Oh, and remember how he'd never set a timetable for withdrawal? And, apparently the new enemy is Iran.
* Speaking of: how our plans to undermine Iran could backfire. That's where the policy is shifting, however.
* Did Milosevic die of a drug ploy?
* 2004 was a record year for greenhouse gases.
* Picking apart comet dust.
* Investigating the "Noah's Ark" find.
* A shipwreck in the dunes.
* The author of Da Vinci Code testifies in his own defense.
* Isaac Hayes, Scientologist, quits South Park. (Courtesy Nimue.)

"I've come to think that some of the answers to global poverty might be found in the places where the social and hard sciences inform each other."

It turns out George Clooney is proud to be a liberal.

Fametracker presents the ten most plausible theories behind Crash winning the Oscars.
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