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Insight into me:

There's a convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania I've hit a few times. It's for a game (Stargrunt) I don't play regularly (heck, I barely play it outside of the trips I take up there.) And it's a tiny convention, maybe 40 people over the whole weekend. Nothing else to do there, because Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a few miles short of the middle of nowhere. But it's a great crowd. The same people year after year, all older gamers like myself, who have fallen into this tiny niche. People put a lot of effort into running the games, everyone is in good spirits (for the most part,) and since you kind of get to know everyone after being there for a while, it's good times and dorky humor all around.

See, this is stuff that makes me giddy: pictures like this and this or this. A cool scenario (usually laden with a couple cheap puns.) A big group of amusing people. Simple rules. Nifty minis and nifty terrain. I'm a cheap date, really.

Didn't make it this year, the aforementioned money issues. Next year is the tenth anniversary, though, so I'm all over it.


Anyways. Warmachine tourney at Magistrate's gaming basement a week from tomorrow, that'll get some of the gaming out of my blood. Hopefully will sneak some painting in this week, too.

Minis games I'm heavily into these days, more or less in order: Warmachine, Heroclix, Star Wars (though possibly with the Savage Worlds Showdown rules,) D&D minis (see above.) Of course, I'll always have a place in my heart for other games (Necromunda) and pretty toys from other lines. But, yeah.

Speaking of dork-ness, in City of Heroes last night I got my fire/fire blaster, Burndown, to level 18. Hasten + damage inspiration + Aim + two AOE attacks = I'm everyone's favorite teammate. I'm going to have all the "defeat 100 baddies of type X" badges just because it's so easy. Also, one of these nights, I'm going to take a break from leveling and just burn Perez Park to the ground, out of sheer spite. Also, continually impressed with how even different blaster powersets play from each other.

Work on secret project: half done. Fingers crossed.

Party in VA tonight. Lunch with the in-laws tomorrow, I believe. Catching up on the Netflix offerings next week, in addition to some painting. Must remember to tape JLU tonight.

News in a few.
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