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"Excuse me, but if a state passes a law that flies in the face of a long-settled high court precedent for the expressed purpose of trying to get it overturned, why isn't that judicial activism?"
-Howard Kurtz

Richard Cohen on Bush's culture of intellectual corruption.

Bush orders Homeland Security to create a center for faith-based initiatives. (Bonus: the executive order.)

* Hey Rummy, it turns out the media have been under-reporting casualties, not the other way around. Arianna Huffington also has some commentary on Rumsfeld's media critique.
* What oversight? Republicans work hard to prevent inquiry into domestic spying.
* Harold Meyerson on all the impeachment talk.
* The South Dakota anti-abortion law is more restrictive than what Bush wants. But will he stand up for it?
* Poll shows the public's view of Islam is becoming more negative.
* Santorum once again embraces lobbyists.
* FDA panel advises that MS drug Tysabri be brought back.
* 'Jewish law experts postpone gay-issue vote.'

Cigarette sales hit a new 54-year low. And soda sales drop for the first time in 20 years. In other culinary news, booze and tea are just fine.

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