PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Sisters of Mercy concert Tuesday night at the 930 Club was pretty good. I think the one in PA a few years back was better, mind you, but this one was decent. I would have enjoyed more covers, or some of their older stuff, but that's me. He hit a lot of the big songs, and the crowd was pretty good (except for the four or so unwashed dorks in front of me who decided to start moshing, when no one else was.) Older crowd, too. And don't listen to what other people are saying, Andrew E. looks like hell warmed over. Father Time has not been kind.

The opening band, the Warlocks, had one decent song. Unfortunately, all their songs sounded like that, except for their Jet cover.

Weirdness of the night: wandering around right before the show I passed a girl that looked just like my cousin Laura. Only, it turns out, she was my cousin Laura. Wacky.

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