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"As the United States nears the third anniversary of its war in Iraq, there is irrefutable evidence that our military and political options are narrowing, that President Bush's democratization dream is lethally imperiled, that we are hostage to events beyond our control, and that nobody can agree on whether our troops would be better off digging in or pulling out."

Today's top read: "Honest conservative intellectuals: your nation needs you. Say, 'Enough.' By tradition, you believe in honorable principles. Today, you are flacking for an administration that has betrayed many of those principles. The principles to which it has maintained fealty, like low taxes, it has pursued at a high price to other principles you cherish, like fiscal prudence."

Dan Froomkin wonders why everyone is talking about a civil war in Iraq - everyone except Bush, that is. Froomkin also discusses the negative view of the economy and other interesting topics, such as the president's favorite rug. Well worth your time.

NPR asks, who will own the 'New' New Orleans?

Fred Phelps continues to protest at military funerals.

* Amnesty International reports that prisoner abuse is still happening.
* Supreme Court rules that colleges that take federal money must grant access to military recruiters.
* Preparing for them midterm elections. Do Democrats have a unifying message? More on this from E.J. Dionne Jr. (Bonus: key upcoming races.)
* House conservatives prepare an alternate budget.
* Comcast appears to have some interesting hiring practices, in relation to politicians' relations.
* What ever happened to antitrust?
* Looking at "recent" developments in human evolution.
* Anchorman Bob Woodruff is slowly recovering.
* Courtesy demigoth, Doonesbury on teaching the controversy.

"The system of environmental satellites is at risk of collapse... Every year that goes by without the system being addressed is a problem."

The next cycle of solar flares is looking to be a fair bit bigger.

Howard Kurtz on the rising star of Bob Scheiffer.
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