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Saturday was dinner at the polka hall (no, seriously) to celebrate Regent's birthday (which is today proper.) Huzzah! Good times, many people I haven't seen in too long.

Sunday afternoon, picked up bebe, then slumped over to my parents for some hanging out and a family dinner at IHOP. My sister's idea, way to see each other and catch up in between family dinners for holidays and birthdays. (My family likes food.) Good fun, there, despite the food not being great and me still finding a way to eat too much of it.)

Last night was Oscars, see previous post. Bebe was something of a bear about getting to bed, though we got her there eventually. She didn't sleep well, though, including some throwing up, leading to today being laundry day.

The road to dental recovery has been smooth-ish, made more so thanks to the fine products brought to us by the pharmaceutical industry (and a bonus shout out to Nimue here.) Next Monday is the next big event, wish me luck.

The worst dent this dental toll is taking, though, turns out to be in the wallet, which you may or may not remember wasn't that healthy *before* the emergency surgery part of our month. Just barely squeaking by, and that seems to be how it's going to be for the next week paycheck month. Or more. Le sigh. No long-term solutions in sight here, but something is gonna give sooner or later. Hopefully for the better.

Of course, luckily, I planned ahead for this dry spell months ago when I bought tickets to the Sisters of Mercy tomorrow night at the 930 Club. Huz-zah.

In other distraction news, Selene and I have been taking turns reading Book Five of Harry Potter to each other (taking a cue from Baldur and Dona Quixote) and it's been going swimmingly. Even though most of the time it's her reading to me, while I paint or sort things or whatever, and I take the occasional chapter for her. Nevertheless, it's groovy, and we're definitely going to take Book Six the same way. And maybe the book club book, once I get around to buying that. Heh.

Netflix remains brilliant, and I still recommend it highly.

News tomorrow.
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