PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

How about them Oscars, huh? I got a couple things right, but mostly wrong. No Brokeback sweep. Huh.

The two themes of the show, in case you missed it, were:

a.) The real star of the Oscars is, in fact, George Clooney.

b.) Hollywood really, *really* wants you to go see movies in the theater. Unlike last year, when you sure didn't.

Oh my lord, the Oscars are *WAY* too long. Even Jon Stewart can't save them. Seriously, guys, it's time to take all the short subjects (animated, documentary) off the main show, because *no one ever sees them* and the show is already *way too long,* even for me. Foreign language and documentary can stay, for now. But seriously, you can get through all the awards that matter in two and a half hours.

In other news, the little community theater sketches for the best song nominees were way, way goofy. 3-6 Mafia did their part to steal the show, and almost did it. Mad props for the shout out to Andy Serkis; cheers to the Wallace & Gromit possee for the bowties; jeers to the stuffed penguins. Not cool, people.
Tags: 2006, movies, not news
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