PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Good read: the assault on legal abortion takes shape, but is history set to repeat?
* White House sets its sights on stopping leaks. Because, you know, those are the real problems.
* Uh oh! New investigation into the death of Pat Tillman.
* Analysis of Bush's India-Pakistan tour and the repercussions of what happened there.
* A cartoon on White House outtakes.
* A disbeliever picks apart the Gospels, and talks about how they led to him losing his faith.
* Also, Bush tries cricket and gets hit.

* "Still, something will be lost if Hollywood continues to downsize its ambitions and fails to make movies that connect with the mass audience."
* The movies care about social issues again, but do audiences?
* How about an Oscar for Best Comedy?
* Mel Gibson and his crazy beard plan to speak Mayan.
* And here are the winners of the Razzies.
Tags: 2006, movies, news, not news

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