PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This is rumor control, here are the facts.

See, earlier this week, I was just mentioning to Selene how awesome it would be if we had just one week where nothing went wrong, no bills went into crisis mode, and basically everything was just nice and quiet. Yeah, funny story that.

Back to the Laurel dentist, got in to see the less-gentle doc within an hour or so, not bad for a walk-in. His theory is, even if they don't know *specifically* what's causing the pain, they can *specifically* see that the molar below it *clearly* needs major work, and that could totally be referral pain. So, he says, let's do that, and if that doesn't clear it up, we move on. Fair enough. Today's work was cleaning out the infected tooth (yep, it was lucky #18 at the bottom causing everything) and putting on a temporary cement cap. In two weeks, you know it, r00t canal. Two weeks later, crown.

Expensive *and* painful, my favorite kind of unexpected expense. Plus, can't be too adventurous with the cuisine for a bit.

But, got some good drugs, and this should mean an end to the pain, so there's that.

As always, a raft of thanks for Selene, who drove all the way out there for me, and ended up just having to wait in the waiting room anyways.
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