PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

...And I was totally looking forward to plans tonight with a couple certain someone's, when out of the blue, extraordinary pain. See, my mouth hadn't been hurting for about five days now, so I figured I was past whatever it was that had struck me down the other week. And then, like a thunderclap in a clear sky, the hurting. Took an Advil, waited 20ish minutes, not helping. Took a professional strength pill, and when that wasn't helping after half an hour, went down to the nurse's office. Seriously, I couldn't focus on e-mail. Definitely couldn't drive. She provisioned me with an ice pack (and a spare for the trip home,) a cool dark room with a bed in it to hide out for a while, and the advice that I probably have an infection. Which I still debate, but hey. So. Hurting's down to manageable levels for now, but can still feel it. Plans tonight are out the window, and hitting the doc on the way home for *something.*
Tags: not news

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