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Previously, on Lost...

If the hatch is a rockin', dont' come a-knockin'...

* Previously: A hysterical Aussie, ZOMG Ethan, Mr. Gale.
* Yeah, it's not OK for Claire to cross the jungle at night, but it's just fine for Jack.
* ACK Rousseau!
* "You don't remember, do you?" -Rousseau
* "She said there's something wrong with him." -Claire (Uh, not exactly.)
* "We've been on the island for two months and no one's gotten sick." -Jack
* The Brothers Karamazov
* "No, John, I didn't know that." (I like the new snarkier Jack.)
* "We don't have a long term plan for the button, but we keep pressing it, don't we?" -Jack
* Uh, KEYCHAIN. VIALS! ETHAN!!!11!one!
* Is she misremembering?
* Ako the Lumberjack, and hey, new glasses. (I was waiting for the old ones to wash ashore.)
* Hee, he *does* get to ask why.
* ' in quarantine sick...'
* "And now that you've been such a good girl, I think it's time for a surprise." -Ethan
* Dharma symbol with caduceus!
* Baby's room! AIRPLANE MOBILE
* Man, that sounds just like Mr. Friendly.
* "You know what he's going to do when he finds out." -the old man
* Using Kate to track Rousseau? Huh.
* Rousseau! Stop sneaking up on people. Yeesh.
* Again with Ako being a genius. "Because you wish to keep this a secret."
* Oh crap! Rousseau's still goofy.
* Man, is Claire goofed up on happy pills? Oh, I guess so.
* "There's not enough vaccine for you and the baby." -Ethan
* Oh hey Rousseau, thanks for tagging along. Not that we could stop you.
* ZOMG ANOTHER HATCH. Plus, hey, free tarp.
* Hey, it's raining, clse the door after you.
* Dharma flashlights! Score.
* eee dungeoncrawl
* Hmm, locker full of... rags! COSTUMES. That was Mr. Friendly! OH SNAP
* "You have to get out of here now!"
* eee surgeons
* Claire, you doofus, why do you still think it's medicine? (See also: pressing the button.)
* Aw, no vaccine. But hey, free fridge.
* "Ethan, I'm sure I want you to take the baby." -Claire
* Ooh, so Claire knows enough about them to hide from them.
* "I carried you on by back to your camp." -Rousseau
* "You're not the only one who didn't find what they're looking for." -Rousseau
* ZOMG the nurse was Alex! Now that you mention it, they did look alike!
* Aaannnddd, Rousseau is still creepy.
* "Please stop talking." Man, why is Ako still this cool?
* "Because I need to tell someone." I was expecting him to say 'Because I need to tell someone. And you're one of them.'
* Oh, Locke, dont' get too friendly.
* "So, which one are you?" -Henry

Next week: balloon, and... pregnancy test?!

So. I'm betting the "he" the Dharmans were talking about is Hanso. Takers?

Also, congrats on making Ethan *even creepier*. That's good work.
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