PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"At a time when policymakers have made reducing unintended pregnancies a national priority, 33 states have made it more difficult or more expensive for poor women and teenagers to obtain contraceptives and related medical services"

Politics trump science in keeping the morning-after pill out of the hands of people who need it.

A former Army interrogator speaks out against torture. And a Post editorial expresses outrage over the homicides gone unpunished.

Heh. Gonzales want sto "clarify" his testimony on domestic spying. Wonder why.

Lewis H. Lapham on the case for impeachment. Also, Garrison Keillor. And, a 273-page report explaining the case.

* Six months later, New Orleans waits on answers.
* Supreme Court to hear Texas redistricting case.
* Dan Froomkin watches Bush duck the important questions.
* More politicking by the administration, this time at the Census Bureau. Cooking the books, folks.
* Bipartisan senate panel has harsh words over homeland security.
* One strike against Dubai in this ports deal. Also, dana Milbank on the persistent port rage.
* Global warming ravaging Canadian forests.
* Millionaire breaks ground on a controversial Catholic town in Florida.
* Huh. Father drugs his kid's tennis rivals.

Scientists uncover the lost Indonesian civilization of Tambora.

How about some Anita Blake comic books?

New Star Trek movie canceled.

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